• A prompt, reliable and professional administrative service

    A prompt, reliable and professional administrative service

  • Stable and positive relationships

    Stable and positive relationships

Administrative Consultant Services offer affordable ‘virtual administration assistance’ for many of the support roles that small businesses don’t have time for. 

I do this by providing you with tailored administration assistance and support as your business requires, whether it be additional support for an existing business or new small business start-ups.

Outsourcing your administration tasks means you don’t need to employ permanent in-house staff, particularly if your needs are irregular.  It will free up your time to focus on the things that really matter to you and where it’s needed the most within your business.

There is no requirement for long term commitment, you decide how little or how often to use my service, however I find that even a few regular hours a week ensures your businesses administration needs are always kept up to date.

Operating remotely to assist you with your day to day administrative tasks, Administrative Consultant Services is about establishing and maintaining:

  • Stable and positive relationships
  • A prompt, reliable and professional administrative service
  • A service that will go above and beyond to ensure your success

Why should you hire a Virtual Administrator Vs an In-house Office Employee?

When you have an employee in your office to carry out administration tasks, you are paying for office overheads, an hourly wage, lunch and tea breaks, holiday and sick leave entitlements, KiwiSaver, uniforms and dealing with PAYE and employment contracts.

When you have a virtual administrator, you only pay for the actual hours worked and nothing else!